Sushi in Door County!

Sushi is something usually found only in the big cities, but up in Door County it has become the latest craze! upclose-sushiSurprisingly,¬†two restaurants serve sushi in Baileys Harbor. A little skeptical about such a trendy thing¬†in such a traditional place? Don’t be, fresh fish is flown in from all over the world to everywhere else, so why not Door County?

fish-shack Harbor Fish Market & Grille is the only place in Door County with live lobsters on hand as well as some of the best seafood around so it’s only natural for them to add sushi to their menu. They decided to make the addition very recently so it is only being run as an appetizer special but is gaining popularity very quickly.

The AC Tap offers sushi on Tuesday Nights. The owner, Steve Mueller, offers a selection of 5 different rolls for under $10 each. I know the atmosphere of the Tap seems a little bit strange for a sushi night but the locals have enjoyed it all winter and are spreading the word.